August 25
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This Weekend
​Sexuality, Identity, and the Gospel

I am sure you have heard much from the right and the left of our culture provide input on sexuality and identity.  Much of the conversation is fueled by anger, fear, hurt, and confusion.

We want to take some time to investigate how God’s Word deals with these sensitive topics and how we, as those who follow Jesus, should interact with sexuality, identity, gender, and same-sex attraction. 


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Daily Prayer Focus Topics 

Mon: That God will draw people to Himself in sincere repentance - Is 55:6-8

Tues: For God’s people to know His heart and to reach out to the lost - 1 Pet 3:9

Wed: For God to manifest His presence and glory in our churches - Ezek 37:27-28

Thurs: That we will become a church that equips the saints - Heb 13:20-21

Fri: For the Children’s Ministry leaders and teachers - Matt 19:13-15

Sat: That we would be sacrificial in our service to others - Matt 20:28

Sun:  That Jesus would be lifted high in churches across our community - Phil 2:5-11


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