November 18
Today's Message
Hebrews10:19-25/ Pastor Shay Osborne

When the author sets out the structure and substance of the gospel in Hebrews, he continually reviews its meaning. He will often repeat the same truth, but will do so by emphasizing a slightly different aspect to get the attention of his readers. After considering the “once for all time” aspect of the gospel in Hebrews 10:1-18, the writer turns his attention to another implication of the gospel in Hebrews 10:19-25. He is once again going to summarize its various aspects in order to help his readers remember the glorious realities Jesus’s work accomplishes for his people. Additionally, he will exhort his people to action on the basis of these glorious realities. 

​Order of Worship



Call to Worship & Opening Prayer

Congregational Worship                                       

Glorious Day

Come Ye Sinners

The Rock Won’t Move

This I Believe


Children are dismissed for Mosaic Kids


Sermon                                                            Hebrews 10:19-25


Prayer for Missionaries and Church Plants

Closing Song of Praise                    King of my Heart


This Week’s Prayer Focus

Mon: For boldness in proclamation. (Eph 6:18–19; Acts 4:29)

Tues: For God to answer prays in a very tangible way. James 5:17–18)

Wed: For the healing of the sick in our church family. (James 5:14–15)

Thurs: For the healing of unbelievers. (Acts 28:8)

Fri: For miraculous deliverances. (Acts 12:512; Acts 16:25–26)

Sat: That God would supply his church with necessities.  (Matt. 6:11)

Sun: For strategic wisdom. (James 1:5)

Find a Ministry Team to Serve with

  • Set-up/Tear Down Teams
  • Worship Ministry
  • A/V Team
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Hospitality/First Time Guests
  • Facilities Maintainance

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these teams email us at [email protected]


Josh & Allyson Robinson

Today we're going to pray for Josh and Allyson Robinson have planted New Haven Church in Chapmanville, WV. Your giving helps support their work.


We are excited to introduce a brand-new initiative that will help help reach our community with the Gospel through a partnership with


You will hear more about this is weeks to come but here is a simple acronym for starters:        

  • - Begin with prayer. We want you to ask, ‘God how do you want me to bless the people in the places you’ve sent me to?’
  • - Listen. Don’t talk, but listen to people, their struggles, their pains, in the places God sent you.
  • - Eat. You can’t just check this off. It’s not quick. You have to have a meal with people or a cup of coffee. It builds relationships.
  • - Serve. If you listen with people and you eat with people, they will tell you how to love them and you’ll know how to serve them.
  • - Story. When the time is right, now we talk, and we share the story of how Jesus changed our life.

Discipleship Opportunities

Sundays @ 9:00 am

  • Gospel Project for kids
  • Gospel Project for teens
  • Core Seminars for Adults

Missional Community Groups (Small Groups)

  • Signup online

G4 Discipleship

  • Brochure available on the info table
  • Reading Plan available at

Upcoming Opportunities

W.A.T.T.S, This week at Calvary Baptist.  Help needed

preparing and serving meals (supper & breakfast).  Email [email protected] if you would like to volunteer.

Student Surge, December 14-15.  This event is for Middle School and High School students and will include games, bible study, and mission events.  Held at Calvary Baptist Church.

Christmas Eve Service, Monday, Dec. 24 @ 6:00 pm. Family service. 

Refreshments to follow the service.


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