September 8
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This Weekend
​The Sanctity of Life

There are many hot button issues surrounding the sanctity of human life today. Let us look at it through the lens of the Gospel, so that we may know God's heart about human life, and how we should uphold it.


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Daily Prayer Focus Topics 

Mon: That we will reach the unbelieving world around us - Luke 19:9-10

Tues: For student ministry of our church and community - Eccl 12: 1

Wed: For our Small Group Ministry to expand - Heb 3: 13

Thurs: For His mission and our missionaries - John 4: 21-24

Fri: That our Men’s Ministry will grow and develop - Prov 27: 17

Sat: That our worship would be focused on God’s GLory. - Ezek. 1:28

Sun:  That Jesus would be lifted high in churches across our community - Phil 2:5-11


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