May 10
 1 Peter 1:10-12
Pastor James Hinton

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Habits of Grace 

Weekly Resources

​1 Peter Devotional
​Plan to Read 5 Days a Week for the 9 weeks of our Sunday 1 Peter Series.

The Christian life is wonderful, but it is rarely easy. Sometimes we might even feel burdened with ‘all kinds of trials’ just like  Peter’s first readers. Peter urges his friends to continue to live for Jesus, despite their present difficulties, by reminding them that they have a secure future in  Christ.  This expositional devotion is ideal for those new to reading the Bible and will also suit more experienced readers.


Mon: For the growth and stability of new converts during this time. - 2 Pet 3:17-18
Tues: For marriages, families, and children in our church. - Acts 16:29-34
Wed: For the financial health of the church - Luke 6:38
Thurs: For opportunities to serve our neighbors. - Col 4:2-3, 5-6
Fri: That God will renew our hearts to obey Him - Ezek. 36:26-27
Sat: That our church would be consistent in prayer - 1 Thes. 5:16-18
Sun:  That Jesus would be lifted high in churches across our community - Phil 2:5-11


​Take your Kids through 1 Peter as we study through it on Sundays as a church family.


Phil Vischer, Founder of Jellyfish Labs and co-creator of the acclaimed VeggieTales, dives into the book of 1 Peter to answer the question, "Where does Hope come from?" With the help of some animated friends, Phil unpacks what it means to live with hope for a better, heavenly home. This RightNow-exclusive series packs tons of good theology into short sessions that everyone can enjoy.  Each session includes a discussion guide with sections for toddlers, grade-schoolers, and parents.  If you already have a right now media account you can click the picture above to access this free resource.  If you need a RightNow Media account sign up for free at


Love your Neighbor

Use these cards to give to neighbors or just place them at their door, letting them know that you and Mosaic are here to help.  Place your own contact information or use the church phone number provided on the card, so that they can let us know if they need anything that we can help them with during this time.  The back of the card is blank so that you can write a note to them as well.