February 7th, 2021
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Welcome to Highpoint Baptist Church


Good morning Highpoint. It's super Sunday, not because of a game...but because every Sunday we get to go to church is always a great day. We're thankful that our governor of Ct has eased some restrictions on church gatherings and that the state Covid-19 positivity rate is the lowest its been in months.  Thank you for being part of today's service. #ChurchIsEssentional #WhereWillYouBe

Pastor Matt Souza


We've had a few ask for awhile now, and it finally is becoming a reality. On march 24 we have a booking at a recording studio to record a few songs. After the recording and mixing we'll be distributing the music to all major music outlets...etc Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and more. Please pray that God will use this music to His glory and honor.

Teens / Young Adults

Mount Southington @ 12:00pm - 3:30pm on February 20th

Ok teens and young adults, show off your skiing skills with Pastor Matt and Mrs Trish.  Please see Pastor Matt for more details

Please Pray for Our Missionaries

Dan & Faith Souza - Evangelist
Timothy Davis family in Myanmar


Thank you for your financial contributions to Highpoint. God is good to us and we are thankful for each any everyone of you. This percentage represents where we are for the yearly budget.

Feb 6th

Can you sing, play an instrument? Join our music team. Please contact Pastor Matt if you are interested.


All the updated information can be found on the church website.  Church Website

Missed last weeks sermon about Rhoda You can watch it below

Prayer Requests

Did you know  that our church prayer requests from Thursday night prayer meeting is available on our church website? The page is password protected to keep that average google-er out. The password is "hbc" to gain access. To submit a prayer request please text the request to 203-879-1852 with your request and name.

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February 7th
Highpoint Baptist Church