July 11th, 2021
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It's a joy to have Pastor Robert Barnett with us this morning. Pastor Barnett and his wife was saved right there in Wolcott and surrendered his life to preach the gospel.  

Please make them feel welcome.

Pastor Matt Souza

Please Pray for Our Missionaries  

• Dan & Faith Souza - Evangelist  

• Tim Davis family - Myanmar 

• Matthew Shriner Family - Japan



Thank you for your financial contributions to Highpoint. God is good to us and we are thankful for each any everyone of you. This percentage represents where we are for the yearly budget.

Missions yearly total: $2,193.00

Jul 11th

Upcoming Events 

July 11 - Pastor Robert Barnett - Knoxville TN

July 24  (Saturday) - Prayer Breakfast @ 9:30am

August 22 - Friend and Family Day @ 11am

Sept  5 - Happy National Cheese Pizza Day

Study of End Times

Join us on Thursday nights as the Bible comes alive with todays current events. We are going through a Bible Study in the Book of Revelation at 6:30pm

July 11th
Highpoint Baptist Church