January 11, 2021



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Connect with us on Social Media

Connection is vital to us. Since we cannot connect physically, please make sure we connect virtually on social media! 

Also, please make sure you share our worship experiences with your Facebook friends! 


 Your Weekly Announcements


Are you sharing?

As we continue with virtual worship, please remember we need YOUR help! 

1. Have your friends, family and co-workers to watch FB with you. Ask them to comment to show you they are there. 

2. Share our worship experiences on your Facebook when we are live on FB.  By using the share button on Facebook! 

3, If you are on zoom for worship, invite your friends, neighbors and family to log in with you to share!

Contact Sis Evelyn and the Media Ministry for assistance to learn how! 


Come on and join us!!

Have questions about the sermon? Want to fellowship and say hi? Want to brag about what you are cooking? Have guests over or those who attended worship with you? 

GREAT! Join us Sundays at noon on zoom! We stay for 30 minutes. 

Cant wait to see you!


         Sunday Worship Services Replay



Virtual Church Items 

               Facebook Streaming

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we steam to Facebook  We are looking for volunteers to help with streaming on Facebook.  Proficiency with a computer is necessary for position.  Training will be provided.  Please contact the church office to volunteer.


Get ready! Upcoming events

Mark your calendars!


Winter Revival 

January 13-15th, 2021 @ 7 pm 

Healthy Living For Your Brain and Body


January 25, 2021 @ 6 pm

Presented by Alzheimer's Association

To register, call 800-272-3900 or visit tinyurl.com/HLBBJan25


Support Baker

Thank you for your continued support! Your gifts help Baker minister to the community as we know it is all about the kingdom. 

There are a myriad of ways to give, we invite you to partner with us as we take it from the neighborhood to the nation!


                 Virtual Winter Revival

Facebook Live @ January 13th 7:00pm - January 15th 7:00pm

Please come join us for our magnificent winter revival.


              AME Sunday School Union

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